Public Speaking

One-on-one or Group Public Speaking Coaching

                   Whether you are...

                              - getting ready for a TED talk or a sales pitch at work;
                              - a nervous beginner or an experienced professional;
                              - rehearsing for a big audition or an exam in English;
                              - preparing to speak in front of a camera or a live audience;
                              - practicing for a wedding toast or trying to make a better impression in meetings;
                              - looking to enhance speaking skills for yourself or your employees.

                                                                        public speaking coaching can help you!

It's no secret that Public Speaking is one of the most valuable skills one can acquire today. And like any skill, applying deliberate and systematic effort will yield significant growth, yet most people just rely on their untrained abilities and often pay the price. As a public speaker and speaking coach with over 15 years of experience, I will work with you to build up your public speaking skillset to ensure greatest impact. If you are an executive leader I can train your staff so they can better represent your company or organization through speaking and networking. 

The international nature of our society has also made English the language that we often have to use when presenting information. If English is not your native language, you are likely to encounter additional stress that can get in the way of your success. I'll work with you to help minimize external factors so you can focus on the content, which is the heart of your presentation.

"Simón helped me to stand confidently while drawing in my audience to deliver a great presentation."
                                          - Simone Glover; Entertainment Attorney

What You Get:

Sessions are catered especially for your level and needs in order to optimize your progress and help you achieve your public speaking goals and build up confidence.

     Sessions may include:
     - Support in English language clarity;
     - Body language awareness techniques to optimize your power and delivery;
     - Support in constructing the type of speech that you need (persuasive, informative, entertaining, etc.);
     - Speaking tips catered to video or live audience delivery;
     - Help in mastering elements of audience psychology;
     - Ample practice of speech presentation;
     - Email access and support in between sessions;
     - Worksheets that will help you prepare for your presentations.

"Simón Hanukai gave me the skills, courage, and support to be a confident public speaker."
                                                     - Badreddine Elhandaoui; Startup CEO


Work With Me:
Individual Coaching Group Trainings
One-time or Ongoing
Coaching Available via Skype 

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