Splitting my time between Paris, New York and the West Coast, I work with clients all over the world using techniques derived from the fields of theatre, performance and story composition. I believe that in order to engage the mind, we need to involve the body, which is why all of the trainings are 100% participatory and activity-based. Because learning should be engaging, the trainings are designed to be as fun as they are instructive. Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or a company, we will work together to make you a better leader, a more efficient team, and a clearer communicator so you can make your organization thrive! 

All trainings can be taught independently or can be combined into a comprehensive curriculum, catered specifically for you.

Team Building:
This fully participatory and activity-based training guarantees to get the individuals in the group to connect with one another in a meaningful, yet entertaining way. Ideal for both new and already established groups of all sizes.

Leadership Training: The training is used to analyze and dissect different leadership styles through interactive activities. The participants will question what it means to be a leader and a follower, as well as the fluidity of the spectrum that both of these roles fall upon.

Public Speaking Coaching: Hands on coaching that prepares the individual to speak in front of a camera or a live audience. Modified depending on the level of experience and the number of participants in the group. A detailed explanation can be found on my PUBLIC SPEAKING COACHING PAGE.

What is Your Story? : It is crucial for entrepreneurs to be able to tell the story of their company, as well as often of themselves as an individual. Using theatre games and activities, this training helps participants analyze the essentials of storytelling and gets them to brainstorm, plan and practice the story of their own making. 

Pitching Your Project: A well-executed pitch is one of the most valuable tools that an entrepreneur can have at his or her disposal. It succinctly communicates the mission, vision and goals of the company or product, and at the same time displays that the leadership at the helm is knowledgeable, skilled and confident. When it comes to pitching, there are no do overs. 

From Theatre to Entrepreneurship

The skills mentioned above can also be found in every theatre rehearsal, classroom and performance, which is why over the course of the last two decades entrepreneurs, particularly in the Silicon Valley, have been turning to theatre artists for assistance on pitching, storytelling, public speaking and creating an open yet rigorous environment. Within the business setting, theater techniques can be especially useful in developing your speaking voice, learning to project confidence & authority, understanding how body language can help you get grounded & make an audience connect with you, adapting your delivery depending on audience's response, and more. This unlikely union brings time-proven techniques from one of the oldest art forms to the heart of today's business & innovation.

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